Monday, 12 December 2011


love going to the movies. I love it so much I even enjoy going alone. I can see three movies in a day in same theatre and not feel like I've wasted an afternoon. In any case, I havent been in awhile, and I was jonsen' for a good flick.

Angelly, a good friend and ex roommate gets discounted tix from work, so last night we decided to see I Heart Huckabee's after work.

if you love discussing the space time continuoum, and things like "string theory", you'll love this movie. A few people walked out but Angelly and I thought it was greeaaaat!

But, my star sightings keep coming. I was about a half block from the AMC 25 theatre in times square when I ran into a tall man by and he almost knocked me over. It was Colin Firth. He is very tall in real life, very attractive, but amazingly, sooooo skinny. And he looks average on film. Hollywood is so scary when it comes to weight. Even the male actors look like anorexics. (see my Ethan Hawke comments from "...Famke Jansen's B-Day), yuk.

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