Monday, 12 December 2011


Ok, I have 3 minutes to type this so I'll keep it short.

This weekend I had the honor of spending 3 full nights at Comedy Central's Premium Blend taping. I had a nice seat backstage in the green room; it was basically me, a monitor, my notebook, and lots of free food. (o thank you kraft services).

Jamie Kennedy of the failed, "Jamie Kennedy Experiement" was the host for all the tapings and is in fact in real life, a total goofball. He's full of fun, and a innate zest for life usually only reserved for 9-12 month old babies.

In any case, the green room is only about 8 feet from a door with a gold star marked "Jamie Kennedy" (STAR). As I furiously took notes on all the acts, I kept hearing noises from down the hall, but ignored them to better hear the comics on stage. Late on thursday evening, I hear..."HELP! HELP!". I leave the green room and walk into the hall. There is J. Kennedy himself, running back and forth head waving side to side, hands flailing in the air.
I'm like..."what's wrong?".

JK: "I can't find my dressing room!"
ANG: "really? You're right in front of it."
JK: "Oh Shit! Thanks so much! I swear to god they make these places into mazes on purpose!"

With that he entered his dressing room and I picked my jaw up off the floor.

"Whats my name again Dawgg?"

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